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2012 NFL Confidence Pool Strategy - Introduction

What is not to love about fantasy football? It gives you the chance to have a vested interest in games other than your favorite team’s game! More football – that’s pretty hard to argue with. But wait, there’s still a few games where you don’t have anyone! The 49ers are in Minnesota – Frank Gore went the round before you were going to take him and with Adrian Peterson’s knee questions, you wanted to (understandably) stay away from anyone involved with the Vikings organization this year! What are you going to do??


Here to save the day, I give you the confidence pool!


Traditional fantasy football shows off your knowledge on individual player performances. The confidence pool gives you’re the opportunity to show your friends that you know more about every team in the league than they do!


It is really simple to do. The first step is to pick the winner of every game of the week. If you are reading this article, you probably talk with your friends about who will win every game anyway, so this is not too much of a stretch. The second part is where the “confidence” of the confidence pool comes in. You need to rank every game based on how confident you are that your team will win. The more confident you are that a team will win their game, the higher point value you want to give them.


A traditional pool sheet will have 16 rows with the numbers 1-16 listed in descending order. All you have to do is put the team you are most confident in winning in the number 16 slot. If that team wins, then you get the 16 points. If they lose, then you just lost out on the most points you can get for one game that week. For example, if the Packers are playing the Browns and the Steelers are playing the Ravens, you will obviously want to have the Packers listed in the higher numbered slot (if you would pick the Browns to win the game, please let me know. I would really like to be in a confidence pool with you!).


The most cumulative points at the end of the season wins the pool – it’s that simple! Depending on the entry fee, some pools may also give smaller payouts for each week’s highest score. This way, you will have an incentive to continue to participate throughout the season even if, well, even if you are the type to pick the Browns to beat the Packers and are comfortably sitting in dead last after week 4!


Still confused for some reason? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! Be sure to check back at the beginning of every week. I will be posting my confidence picks every week with a little explanation as to why I picked them. **LEGAL DISCLAIMER** There is a good chance that I will get at least one game wrong at some point during the season. The final decisions are yours; I am just here to help.


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